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02-11-2012, 01:03 PM
Originally Posted by stajway View Post
You're being awfully hard on the pugs; it's much more fun to have a battle with a person in PvP than it is to fight the endless drones of the story missions. You ask how are we supposed to get better? We need to be able to fight people who do not have the game down to a science. You can't get better by blowing up in 2 seconds under an alpha strike every time you get a little close to the other team. If there really aren't many premade teams on most of the time, have a pro queue and a just for fun queue. That way the guys who have their stuff set up perfectly can have a challenge and the rest can have a good time.

My entire point is that most of us can't have fun with PvP because of the high skill that others have acquired from years of play. Those with the high skill should be able to have the fun of a competitive match while the other who don't play PvP as much can have fun fighting amongst themselves.
I would like to agree with you pro que... but there are not that many pros quing is my point. The few that do are going too que anyway. It won't take more then 2 of them on a team too give you the exact same results your getting now. I am not trying to be hard on anyone. I am simply suggesting that the best solution is too join the PvP community as it where... join the Organizedpvp channel... not every player in the channel is Uber Fantastic Pug Ripper... most of them are there too have fun and play the game. My point is you do not have to que alone all the time. If you join the channel and get too know a few people you will be welcomed to team with other people that are playing the game for fun as well. The fact that they have been at the game longer then you have doesn't make them bullies. We are pretty much all hoping that newer players keep quing up (not as punching bags) but as people wanting to get better and have fun. I agree with you mindless pve forever is boring... and quing up to get stomped by people with 2 years of xp on you is likely frustrating as well....

However STO has a very welcoming community of PvPers more so then most other MMOS I have played. Join the channel and just watch the conversations at first if you want. See that everyone here is just having fun... if you choose too engage and go flying with another person you may find yourself in some higher skilled games (on your team for sure) and you will learn more about the game. I am not saying "get better" and suck it up... I'm saying relax join the community and you will get better... and even if you don't you'll have more fun. (not everyone that pvps lots is fantastic, fun doesn't always mean Uber PvP team)