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02-11-2012, 03:46 PM
Originally Posted by Elnaith View Post
Don't know, but I find that it was a good start with a few little flaws.

I don't think that the VOs were shocking or bad. The only weird thing with the VOs was the Gorn Ambassador, he has an echo attached which I find a bit annoying since it overlaps his words.
Ok, Captain Kurland was a bit too eagerly voiced, but hey, who would not go crazy if he had to listen to all those whiny bajorans all these years...

I give this Mission 8 / 10 points and hope the upcoming episodes will be not be Colliseum like.
I enjoyed it.

The voice over was the voice changer used by gorn to turn their "language" into something coherent for non-gorn. You can see the same thing in the mirror episodes from enterprise where the slave master speaks through a voice changer to archer.

For the record Cryptic for all my *****ing.. a few more series like this 2800 and you'll have a loving playerbase again. GIMMIE DAT EPISODE!