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02-11-2012, 03:04 PM
How to ask this without revealing any spoiler type info ... hmmmm ...

Vague is what I'll have to do.

Is there any reason, like mechanical or story, that I might have missed, where in a certain part of the encounter that involves ground combat ... I can't access my kit's powers? Like you know, letting me lay down a phaser turret?

It was kind of annoying. My orbital strike and my Ophidian Cane would flash on like they were active and then flash off inactive.

And my turret was greyed out the entire time.

In the Romulan Collisseum Mission, there was a very clear and obvious reason why I couldn't access anything other than my melee weapon.

But in this mission, I seem to have missed the why?

I don't particularly enjoy restricted ground combat.

EDIT: Oh hey, just noticed ...
Only real problem I've encountered is my Engineer's kit (Bunker Fabrication Mk IX) didn't work. Not enough of an issue to be gamebreaking, just annoying.