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02-11-2012, 03:14 PM
I flat avoid PvP other then private matches anymore..

In most of the public matches I dont run into player as good at PvP as I am, and I'm really about average as a KDF PvP'r.. but that tends to put me above Most Fed PvP players.. its about winning, but also if theres no challange, and then you get dissed because you "cheated" or your ship is "OP"

Poor sportsmanship has killed PvP more then any other cause. If you loose at PvP is because at best you were just unlucky, or the players on the other side were simply better then you. All ships have strengths and weaknesses. PvP is a master players game. If you haven't mastered PvE don't expect to do well in PvP. And you can say you've mastered PvE when you can consistantly beat elete STF's. Its all about team work, and having a solid ship and character build, and properly set up BOFF's and DOFF's.

Theres a lot more to PvP then swooping and shooting.

None of the KDF PvP'rs I know of even do the public Pvp ques any more... Those are for players learning to PvP.. Private matches are where the real action is. Find a PvP fleet folks.. they exist. If your dependable, and not a whiner most of them don't require you join thier fleet to jjjjjjjoin thier PvP matches.. just be solid dependable and show you know what your doing and willing to use voice coms and coordinate with the other players in a match..