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02-11-2012, 03:38 PM
First run though, no bugs, saved all the ships no problems, now It did take me an eternity to get one of the optionals done because I didn't use my noggin Lol. But not going to post any spoilers.

If there is a bug I was upset about as an Engineer not being able to place turrets was not cool at all, granted you know, I just switched to a different kit and rolled along just but it was aggravating to discover in the middle of combat.

On a side note:
I think the "echo" from the Gorn is actually a valid thing that should have been highlighted A LOT more in the series. Universal Translator lag, even if you hear what they are saying in your language they are still speaking in theirs, even with noise cancelling some sounds would still get through, I am no sound technician but it seems like there would be more "echoing" going on than the series ever lead on when dealing with a UT, ESPECIALLY in the days of Enterprise.

Just something I was pondering there.