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02-11-2012, 03:41 PM
Originally Posted by matteo716 View Post
take into account to that most pvp vets know each other through opvp and all it takes are 2 of them to turn the tide of battle in a pvp match.

thats all it takes. 2 people who know what theyre doing to turn the tide...
2 of us. In a channel where on average 40 to 60 of us are on at any given night, when there's only say about maybe 20-30 people in the ques.

That's really good odds of getting a face roll by an enemy pug if you don't know anyone. Let alone those nights the cryptic que gods really hate the average puggers, and we opvpers keep getting teamed up in groups of 4 to 5 strong at a time by totally random chance.

That's not even including randoms from our own fleets that we also know who aren't part of opvp.

To illustrate this I'll have a screen of what happened with Aytanhi and I getting qued together randomly. Then we decided to fly together for abit (till the cryptic que gods forcibly separated us) in a few minutes in one of the matches the que gods really hated the puggers cause we got a 3rd from OPVP in team randomly. (It was late and I can't remember your name I'm sorry who ever you were you were awesome though!) This was the second match he and I got randomly put together. There was one guy from OPVP on the opposing team and he was the one that got the kill on me.

this is after we got seperated and Another OPVPer and I got teamed up

Still think random ques are going to stop the face rolls? This is exactly why we don't think so.