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02-11-2012, 04:50 PM
Well, out of all the FE that I have played, I would say this one was the most buggy experience I have had:

Some Bugs that I encountered:
* Bajoran distilled kanar not updating correctly
* Graphical glitches with cut-scenes particularly those in ops
* And the biggest is when I warped to Bajor to conclude the mission and then it restarted over from the beginning.
* Not being able to place turrets or anything Engineer related. I figured this is a bug because certain things are not allowed to be placed in a station like ESD or DS9. They need to flag it as a combat variety or something to allow these to be placed?

The Kanar issue was repeated a couple of times with different run throughs as well as the weird graphical glitches in cutscenes. I think they might have fixed the issue with it resetting upon warp to Bajor.

As far as my critic of the mission:
* Relevant start to story by involving previous missions involving Borg and Defari
* Use of the Doff system within the mission
* Nice accolades

* Buggy at times
* Inconsistent voice over quality. The two voice overs that didnt sound good were the Tellerite Admiral (he sounded drunk) and Kurkland. Bort does have a nice voice but it didnt fit the character and the emotion in it was lacking : " Andrews? Andrews! "