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02-11-2012, 04:44 PM
possible solution for a T5 akira specialthingy would be pretty easy - simple n plain bringing it back to its roots as a torp boat - the original layout had multiple tubes in all directions (something like around 48 if im not mistaken). maybe something like a 360 torpspread skill which is locked invisibly on that particular shiptype (so we dont get spammed by other shiptypes doing that).

or taking a look at other trek games like armada for specials - give it a long lasting, but with a long cooldown, automated point defense system, making a beamboat out of it... i mean, theres lots of things that could be added. just take a look at those special-abilities of the ships in these rts games and you can comeup with a lot of ideas to refit the whole set of shipclasses (of all factions). like transphasic torpedoes that randomly shutdown a system or shieldsystem-instantshutdown torps, or a impulse that looks like a shockwave and turns off the engines of surrounding enemyships.. etc. kinda endless possibilities.