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# 5 Didn't like it very much
02-11-2012, 04:53 PM
I didn't like it, too short, not very realistic... here's what I said in the feedback forum:

I agree. Another thing is that the Bolian person in the bar was a bit clowny and annoying... and I'm disappointed in one of the things in the conference room: After you choose a dialog option, I wish it would show you talking and the others' response. And the Andorian was "I'm a superhero! Come look at me!", and sort of weird acting. The Jem'Hadar Full Auto was disappointing, I thought it would be strong, but it was not very strong... and the mission was too quick... also when the Jem'Hadar comes up behind the DS9 Ops Room person, he doesn't knock her out, she just faints... which is confusing... did he use The Magical Mastermind Disable?