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02-11-2012, 05:24 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Collier
First off, let me say this: Fly the ship you love. I do, I fly the "worst" cruiser yet it's still viable for Elite STF's and PvP. You can make the Sovvy a viable option, and you'll enjoy it all the more for doing so.

Right, there have been reccomendations for getting Doffs to reduce the CD on various Team powers, do not rely on this, this is getting changed once Heretic decides what to change it to.

It looks like you're trying to get 100% uptime on both shield and weapon EPtX skills and unfortunately, I really don't reccomend this. Mainly because the damage buff is only 10 seconds long from EPtW and you should be able to hit the power level cap without even using this, it's better to replace it with another heal, or perhaps EPtAUX to buff your sci heals. You can do it but you'll notice a pretty poor uptime on the EPtW damage buff. Defiantely do this for EPtS though cause you'll get 100% uptime on both th epower level boost and the shield resist.

If you're serious about shield tanking, Tac Team is a must because it'll redirect those shields faster than you can which helps you to keep that enemy at bay while your heals do their work on your other shield facings or while on CD. 1 is enough for me but you can have 2 in a Sovvy.

Thanks for the reply.

I see what your saying about the damage output for EPTweapons. but it also raises my weapon power setting by over 20 for 30 seconds.

and from what i read I can keep my weapon power up 60% of the time doing it this way. I had read this was a good idea but maybe it isn't.

Is tac team better than transfer shield strength or science team. I assume I will need one hazard emitters an any build as well.