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02-11-2012, 05:36 PM
Hi, posting an update to my problem.

Running the game in safe mode did not help. The problem seems to be at its worst while on the ground. In sector space I can make it partially go away by disabling astrometrics with all settings at minimum. If I do not disable astrometrics, the grid it makes glitches and slides around the screen/background.

The biggest part of the problem is dark patches blocking out the screen when I rotate the camera at certain angles or as my character/ship moves. Beyond that the background breaks itself up into prism-like colors while in space, and on the ground the colors replicate what the dark patches are doing.

For the past 8 days I have been unable to play properly; I've pretty much just been logging in a few times a day to cycle Duty Officer Assignments. I was able to play through the first day of the 2nd Year event fine; the problem showed up the same day that the Steam partnership was announced. I had previously been launching the game through Steam and upon said announcement decided to uninstall my game and reinstall via Steam. That's when the problems began.

I don't believe it is a problem with Steam itself but rather a coincidental update/error as when I completely uninstalled and reinstalled using the Pando installer the problems persisted.

I took a ton of screen shots to display my problem. This is the only game I am getting these results from, regardless of if I am running the game through Steam or otherwise. I have the same results if I uninstall from Steam and purge the game data from my PC and use a fresh Pando install; with that said, I also have the same results no matter what compatibility mode I run in or if I'm running as an Administrator or not.

If I run in Safe Mode or in different compatibilities (such as Windows XP), a few of the problems clear up but the majority of them remain; I assume that this happens because any issues that would be caused by DirectX 11 aren't able to load, but honestly don't know.

Here's all of the links to the photos. I'm not posting the actual photos but rather linking to them since there's 65 of them. The random changes between them that you see happen when the camera moves and most of them were just me rotating the camera with the right mouse. I did move for some of them, especially in Sector Space, which is (generally) the least effected.

After examining these (which include all of my option settings except for key bindings since I don't think those will affect graphics), please let me know what I need to do or what additional information is needed. None of the menus are a problem, it's only the "overworld".

I was greeted with a log in queue today. I'm only playing the game for its Duty Officer system currently. It's bad enough that when I log a character out I need to enter my password in again (instead of being redirected to the character select screen). I don't think I'm going to continue trying to play if I need to additionally wait in line 5 minutes just to log in for about 10.

34-46 contain my "standard" graphic settings.