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02-11-2012, 06:40 PM
I'm still trying to figure out why there is task-exclusive gear at all.

Having the best gear exclusive to a specific task devalues all of the other high end gear that's available for DIlithium and crafting (which, oh yeah, uses DIlithium). This in turn devalues Dilithium, which isn't a great idea since the Dilithium Exchange is supposed to be our method of attaining CStore stuff in-game, thus the idea should be to avoid doing things which compromise the worth of DIlithium.

STFs already offer repeatable avenues for Dilithium which Explores and the like don't offer, and the same could be applied to PvP (beyond the few avenues it already has). Those rewards could even be increased. Might even make sense to have some kind of rare token drop in Elite STFs and to regularly high performing PvPers which might, when used, allow for added Dilithium to be refined per day to further increase the associated benefits. Thus the more difficult content has a "leg up" in collecting Dilithium, and would be rewarded with greater purchasing power which could go toward the top gear via Dilithium vendors, or into the Dilithium Exchange allowing them to take greater advantage of the CStore.

That would give adequate compensation for the task without compromising the value of Dilithium, thus harming the DIlithium/CPoint exchange rate.

This would also help alleviate the rather nasty feedback concerning the salvage drop rate.