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02-11-2012, 05:52 PM
Aux2SIF is invaluable, but, it's a Tier2 power. On my boat (Being a 100% armour tank) I run EP2Aux, Aux2SIF || ET1 || PH1, HE2 across my support slots. Coupled with 34% base resits, enhanced plasma manifolds and the red matter, I can get upto 67-69% Kinetic/Plasma resits without much issue. It isn't enough to tank a clean heavy plasma torpedo, but it will handle everything else with near impunity whilst sitting at impulse stall.

With the borg set and double EP2S, you should be fairly well off at low power, or even stall, and if things hit the fan can pop the SSFM and EV to make a quick getaway. It's more about gauging when you need to move and heal up than it is how to move.

As for BO3, if you do decide to drop it, I'd suggest a torpedo launcher. Photon for DPS, quantum for burst. If you don't have any torp skills, or dont have it pointed into, I'd suggest going with the Hargh'pengs. Long cooldown, but they do impressive damage even unskilled.
(Just don't replace BO3 with something, expensive skill that)