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02-11-2012, 07:46 PM
I would really like to see them (Cryptic) revamp space combat and tiers altogether. Mainly, factoring in things like weapons range, size and maneuverability.

I want a Constitution that can be played indefinately. Now, I want to clarify up front: This does NOT mean that I should be able to tackle Borg cubes, Negh'Vars and Undine dreadnaughts. Why? Because I am outclassed, radically. BUT, I should have no trouble burning through B'rel class birds of prey, or anything up to a K'tinga-class cruiser.

Give the smaller ships a bonus to their dodge/evasive abilities, i.e. make them harder to hit and target due to their smaller sensor profile and for the love of God get rid of the leveled weapons. (They've already done this with the Borg encounters, by scaling all players to the same level, props for a job well done Cryptic.) A phaser is a phaser, regardless of who's issuing the order to fire it. Yes, an Admiral will be more effective at ordering his crew and coordinating the attack than a Lieutenant, but the damage should not be double the base rate.

Yes, there should be some bonus for increased skill, but at most the damage should be increased by no more than 45% of the base damage rate. Bear in mind, that the heavy hitters (Galaxy, Sovereign, and so on) have double the weapon slots of a Constitution, so by default the smaller vessel is already taking twice the abuse, as it should be.

Increase the number and ranks of the bridge stations on the ships to match the T5 varients. Why? Because, the inferior ship will still be inferior due to its hitpoints and weapons capabilities. I suppose I could compromise and be satisfied with 4 BO stations, but only if one of them was a CMDR engineer for the Connie.

Being forced to abandon my favorite ship in order to keep playing is not fun. Fortunately, the Devs realise this and are looking into the possibilities, but I do agree that having a T5 Connie that can match blows with a cube is craziness.

Those are my thoughts on how to make older ships viable.

One final item I want to mention: Sizewise, the Intrepid is roughly the same size as a Constitution, and the Excalibur-class was supposed to be the 25th century equivalent of a Connie lookalike. We've got T5 Intrepid's running around, and the Excalibur-class is NOT a 23rd century relic, so there is no real excuse for having to leave it behind when in truth the Excalibur-class is a much newer ship than the Intrepid.

(Ducks and grabs the flame retardant.)