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02-11-2012, 09:00 PM
Originally Posted by fuzun View Post
Kurland was voice by Jeremy (aka J-man aka Borticus). I believe that Chris voiced Hadron the Ferengi in Quark's Bar.
Really, that was Chris? The Ferengi voice was excellent (so good I actually laughed). More short/random, incidental character dialog like that for characters would be great IMO. Even when it's repeated dialog I think it's a lot better than nothing (if done well).

Of the rest, if I'm honest the only ones I was a fan of were Caption Shon (perhaps a slightly cheesy character, but was well voice acted and I liked the character anyway ;-) and our Gorn friend from Klingon Empire (slightly odd audio post processing background noise there - could have done without that - but I the effort put into the voice acting was good).

If I'm honest, I was not a fan of the Deferi or Cardassian voices in this episode (and if I'm going to be critical, I might have visually styled our Cardassian Ambassador a little differently too). I agree with other posters that the Cardassian voice came across as a bit hammy. The Deferi voice felt really grated with the character I felt (but by all means could work well on another character, mostly a casting issue really).

I didn't mind the Tellarite voice per se, but I have credibility issues with Tellarites full stop (not a fault with STO). I didn't feel his voice particularly fit the character, I guess I'm expecting a more distinctive character acted voice like the Gorn voice, when it comes to a such a distinct race like the Tellarites, it was still a reasonable effort though.

Edit: squiddude: Oh is THAT was was going on with the Gorn voice? Haha I fail for bailing on ENT :-) In that case extra bonus points for coolness on that VO!