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02-11-2012, 11:57 PM
I'm not a fan of this whold box/key thing but it is here to stay. I'm not one of these foolish folk that drop $900 on a chance to get a ship and walk away mad because they didn't get one. However, I would like to spend more of my money on ships, uniforms, comm badges ship interiors I can customize, fleet starbases, and other things I think the game needs. We also need more content for players to play. Today was a great example of how many players returned that have been gone for quite a while and even brought in enough new players also. If you give them a reason to stay, they'll spend their money. They may not drop $90 on silly boxes but they will stay, enjoy the game, and buy up the items and such they want.

This FE has already disappointed me in some ways iwth its first episode. The voice acting was horrific! There were a few good voices (Admiral that dies, Vorta, and the Gorn) but the joke of an Irish woman that didn't die soon enough was worse than finger nails scratching a chalkboard. The mission felt a bit uncharacteristic of the Federation. In times of war, pressing people to take sides isn't unheard of. The music and hte way the episode ended felt like I was watching a daytime soap opera. I can't stand those! The cutscenes were also way too long in all cases but one. The cutscene after the discussion in the Briefing Room was just right. It's nice to actually see action through a window at times.

I am very happy to see my favorite faction back as a player in the STO storyline. The DOff's being used to help for hte one optional was a very well implemented idea and hte highlight of the whole episode. This needs to happen on more missions and within ships. If I don't want to go back to ESD to repair something I don't have the components to instantly repair it with. How about going to Engineering and assigning DOff's to an few hour shift to repair that Hull Fracture or damaged system? The length of the mission and the variety it has was decent. A little more instruction and clarity so there is less confusion with some of the objectives would be appreciated.

There were a lot of bugged missions today! Z had to repeat the missing 3 times to finallyget it to complete. Droping and resarting the msision didn't do squat. Literally beaming out and reentering the mission to ensure hte objectives correctly show as finished is annoying and frustrating! The servers were very laggy at times and the authentication server was busted for a short time. The enemies on the Promenade were also majorly bugged. hey would keep respawning behind and you'd have squads (like 15) of cloaked Jem'Hadar come up behind you and cut you down in half a second. This is not fun! Cryptic really needs to start looking to the community for a small team of content testing because it's clear, the current team just isn't enough.