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02-12-2012, 12:03 AM
There's a couple of reasons I had my big hiatus, one was the epic content draught which only yesterday abated. Second, there was very little PVP to soften the blow of this. I enjoy PVP, I'm no master of it, but I still have my stuff in one sock so to speak, and am a team player.

The way I see it, the reasons PVP has died are...

1: Learning curve. You will have you rear handed to you many times before you're any good at it. It's very difficult to casually PVP because there's no sepration of the new people, the semi-casual people, and the pre-mades on teamspeak who always fly together. This sets the stage for slaughters of unparalelled levels.

2: Balance. PVP is the main reason there has to be balance in the first place, and I'm sure it's harder to develop something and balance it than not. By ignoring it, balance becomes a lower priority.

3: As far as I know, none of the development staff have more than a passing experience with PVP. The majority of knowledge they have regarding it is annecdotal, not always entirely accurate, and often relegated to easily ignored places.

In contrast to the OP's thread, I queued up last night, saw almost enough KDF for two teams, and no feds queued for KvF, but 7 for FvF. This is why I've resigned myself to getting my PVP kicks in Ker'rat. I will make more of an effort to seek out PVP via the OPVP channel however, but it lacks the convenience of just queueing up. Ker'rat and C&H allow for a more predatory approach to flying a BoP though, and you're not restricted to acting as part of a formation, you can hunt and strike targets of oppurtunity. This is what the BoP was made for, and where it excels. Also, zone chat in Ker'rat can be rather fun. I was "ordering" the Starfleet ships to "Farm Dilithium for the Empire" last night, and "Sanctioning" people who I felt weren't farming hard enough for me.

What they need to do to make PVP work is to work with the PVP community directly, make it accessible, advertise this part of the forum in game so it's easier to learn about. Advise people to be in a fleet to learn more. Ignorance and the "wow, screw that I just got hammered" is a lot of what keeps people out. Also, perhaps a "new to PVP" queue as well that can't be accessed after X ammount of matches would give people a chance to get to grips with it. If I my first few experience of PVP were having my head kicked in my Lafa or TSI, I'd maybe have not gotten as into it as I did.

Increase the rewards (and add a better reporting system for AFKers), and increase the accessability, and they will come.

Oh, and Qo'nos uber alles!