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02-12-2012, 01:20 AM
that is a set up ive been running since the skill updates (also lists my boff powers and ship class im also gonna list it all down below as well)

Ship: Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit

Fore: x2 Phaser Beam Array Mk XII [ACC][CrtH][Borg] / Photon Torpedo Launcher Mk XII [CrtD][CrtH][Borg]

Aft: x2 Phaser Beam Array Mk XII [ACC][CrtH][Borg] / Tricobalt Mobile Device Launcher Mk XII [CrtD][CrtH][Borg]

Borg retro stf set (deflector/engine/shields)

Devices: subspace field modulator


Engineering: SIF Generator / Electroceramic Hull Plating / Ablative Generator

Science: Assimilated Module / Graviton Generator / Particle Generator / Inertial Dampeners

Tactical: Nadeon Detonator / Phaser Relay

Boff Abilities

Eng: Emg power to Aux I / Eng Team II

Tac: Tac team I / Spread II

Sci: TB I / Polarize Hull II / Tyken's Right II / GW III
Tachyon Beam I / Transfer Shield str II / Hazard Emitters III
Jam targeting sensors I

this is my set up for STF's. it's designed to lockdown probes in KA/infection (elite or normal). it can also be used in cure space to protect the kang, but i hate cure space so i dont have much test time on that map. basically when your guarding the gate in KA pop emg pwr to aux and then GW III to stop the probes followed by tac team and spread II. then just hammer them down as they get close and TB the last one thats alive and watch as the others explode around him and they all suicide :p

its great in stf/pve but in pvp im not sure. ive only pvp'd in space a few times. i dont prefer it compared to ground pvp. if someone is hardcore in space pvp and wants to test it out go for it and let me know how you do