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02-12-2012, 01:28 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Collier
Yeah you can but if you spec into power level raising skills and have weapons power set to 100 you should be at or near the 125 cap already. Doing this, you can ensure you have 100% uptime on the EPtS which means you can set it slightly lower. Engine power makes a difference but on a cruiser, not enough to merit setting it too high, but again with the various efficiency and other power level skills, you can still get at least 50 in engine power at its lowest setting. Same story for Aux power and you can time the use of EPtAUX with your sci heals, or just not dother at all.

Tac Team and TSS do different things and I'd advise you get both. As a heal Sci Team isnt as good as others and its best use is in clearing debuffs like SNB which is rarely a prolem in PvE. HE will clear things like warp plasma (provided your clear of the plasma field) and other DoT effects and will also remove the Borg shield neutralizer, as well as the heal and resist. My priority for those three would be TSS > HE > Sci Team but it partly depends on what you're doing.

It's impprtant not to compromise too much on hull healing, even if you're a brilliant shield tank, eventually those shields will drop or the bleedthrough will add up.

Thanks for extra info. I'm flying my Sovvy again for now. getting used to it again. I left out sci team and put in one tac team in the extra tac spot. here's my current setup.

Engineering Station:

/:Emergency Power to Weapons

//:Reverse Shield Polarity

)//:Emergency Power to Shields III

///:Aceton Field III

Engineering team 1

Engineering Team II

Emergency Power to Shields III

Auxiliary to Structural III

Tactical Station:

/:Target Sub System Shields I

//:Torpedo High Yield II

Tactical Team I

Science Station:


/:Hazard Emitters I

//:Transfer Shield Strength II

How does this look for a setup now?? tac officer1 I like to run torp HY 2 and sub system shield. should I choose others?