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02-12-2012, 06:53 AM
I can appreciate that you all are trying to be magnanimous and offer for us poor puggers, avenues to 'get better.' If the hint of sarcasm i'm picking up isn't there then i apologize. Please realize though even for an expert pvper with a perfect setup, being stuck on a team with 4 other typical scrubs and facing a premade - you aren't going to turn the tide unless that premade is crap.

I understand that the queue is light and that even if you did institute this idea, there would be ways to work around it. No solution is perfect when people are involved; but steps can be taken to improve the experience none the less.

To the poster above, that sorta of all or nothing thinking is unconstructive. Games have instituted weighted queuing, i.e. the quality of your past performance and level, gear is taken into account when deciding who you get paired up with. I can't pretend to assume to know what the numbers are community wise, or if they would support tiered queuing; But i do know this game has a level of complexity that is very appealing to competitve pvpers. But any long time pvper can tell you, the hardcore aren't enough to sustain a game, you need new blood; novice and intermediate players to fill in the gaps as people drop out, quit, or do other things - And you can't inspire them (especially new novices) to stick around long and learn the ropes if they are getting ***** in seconds.

I know it's fashionable to be less than constructive when typing to others online, but this community i think can easily rise above that mentality (at least some of the time) So lets try to do that.

It feels a little silly debating this, I'm sure cryptic barely reads these forums and are more interested in how to turn a profit atm than improving pvp, as evidenced by the lack of any large pvp maps or sector pvp in general.

Still, who can pass up a chance to debate on the internet, am i rite?