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02-12-2012, 07:19 AM
Originally Posted by Manx View Post
Here's a thought; what if, instead of 'sets' in the traditional sense, it catered more to the build tweaking habits of PvPers?

Say there were are selection of engines, deflectors, and consoles, which could be used in pretty much any combination; and then 'blank' shields, which have no special traits of their own, but which gain qualities depending on what other PvP gear you have equipped. Some of these qualities could be pretty generic, while others would be specifically designed with PvP in mind.

You want something that just has cap, regen, and resists equivalent to PvE sets? You can do that. You want something that'll give you a resistance to more exotic things like sub-nuc, or theta? You can do that too. Want something that'll do a bit of both? Sure, why not.

Kinda like the custom kits the devs have talked about from time to time.
That's an interesting idea, never thought of that before.

It'd be awesome to be able to swap out your shields depending on what you're facing, but not lose your set bonuses. Regeneratives vs heavy shield drain, Resilients vs sustained DPS, etc etc.