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02-12-2012, 07:28 AM
Wait... there is more to the mission?

I did the DS9 stuff all the way to battling the Jem'Hadar ships at the end and assisting the escape shuttles...

Once it was all done with ops told me to regroup in Bajor sector or something to that effect.

At this point, I was given the "exit sector block" button or whatever (it did NOT say abandon mission). This returned me to public sector space.

I went to Bajor and didn't have any buttons to continue or complete the mission.

I then hailed Starfleet, selected my reward, and completed the mission. It is no longer in my mission log and I have my reward. My mission menu allows me to "replay" now instead of "Hail" so it would seem I have completed everything in the mission.

Yet, if I understand you right, you are implying that we are supposed to go to Bajor on the first mission. Is this so? Or am I mistaken and I did complete it all?

I assumed the second episode would start by sending us to Bajor to regroup with the fleet.