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02-12-2012, 08:23 AM
Originally Posted by Doomicile
PvP in its current form would make farming a PvP set too easy. Granted, STF's aren't exactly vanilla WoW raids but you still have to complete them to get the tokens for Omega/MACO gear.

In PvP, you still get credit even if you don't win, you simply have to stick around till the match is over. This makes the system too easy to manipulate and coordinate between teams and most of the PvP would end up being FvF and KvK respectively.

The good news is that STO PvP isn't very gear dependant.

That being said, PvP needs if nothing else, more zones and objectives. It's been 2 years and there have been no noticeable changes to the PvP system. Seriously, would adding a new map, even if the objective was the same break the game?
I agree on all of your points, except one.

There would need to be a way to ensure that people don't just farm PvP to get these. Back during the Emblem days (and even now), people would just sit at the spawn or purposely suicide to get matches over since they'll get credit anyways. That's why I was thinking something like X number of matches with positive a positive K/D ratio, or maybe do Y amount of damage/healing?

PvP definitely does need more content. Don't know what more can be said about it other than it's an utter shame that it's been 2 years while 0 attention from the Devs. I don't think any of them even PvP.

The point that I do disagree on is that STO's PvP isn't gear dependent. I think it is. If you're rolling in with 'standard' gear or Aegis, you're at a definite disadvantage compared to someone who's using 3-piece Borg and MACO or 2-piece Omega and 2-piece Borg.