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02-12-2012, 08:25 AM
kjk91: How do you find the Nadeon Detonator? I'm seriously pondering if I should pick one up (plus the ship class) but I'd like to know how effective is the Photonic Shockwaves from the photon torpedos. Does it proc with every photon torpedo? And does it have the same effects as say, a rank 1 Photonic Shockwave? Or does it just give a new ability to fire the special torpedo? (in which case it's totally useless for what I'd want to use it for)

Anyhow, here's my ship build. Mk and quality of the items are irrelevant, what's important is the concept behind the choices.

Recon Sci Vessel
- Fore: 3x Dual Polaron Beam Banks
- Aft: 3x Polaron Turrets
Full MACO equipment
Eng Consoles: EPS Flow Regulator; "Armour" console. Whichever is more useful at the point in time. Usually use the Monotanium
Sci Consoles: Field Generator; 3x Flow Capacitors, or Emitter Arrays
Tac Consoles: 3x POlaron Phase Modulators

BOff Powers:
Sci Team I; Transfer Shield Strength II; Hazard Emitters III; Tyken's Rift III
Polarise Hull I; Jam Targeting Sensors II; Gravity Well I
Eng Team I; Emergency Power to Shields II
Tac Team I; Attack Pattern: Beta
Beam: Fire at Will/Beam Target Weapons I

Aim to have around 15s CD reduction on Tac/Eng/Sci teams. Spare Doff slots as you wish. I run CD reduction on Evasive; Debuff offensive strength with Sensor Scan and chance for extra power when using any Emergency Power ability.

The key is flexibility. This load out gives the ship IMHO a very nice selection of capabilities but the absolute key thing is swapping power settings as the situation calls for it, though popping a battery in an emergency isn't such a bad idea. The power settings for the 'defensive' mode take into account the +10 power from the MACO set when under fire and assuming EP:S is active. Swap to Aux when you need want to front load the target subsystems like shields or weapons, follow up with a AP:B and a sensor scan and you've taken off a very good chunk of damage resistance. With the EPS console, you can switch back to full weapons strength within 4 seconds if you've designed your power settings to anticipate for quick transfers. In fact, if your Sensor Scan is coming off CD, you can wait until 4 seconds, switch over, hit the scan the moment it's off CD for a full strength scan then immediately transfer back into weapons mode without skipping a beat.

The 15s CD teams are another aspect of flexibility. Being able to use any team ability every 15s gives you the ability to continuously be on the aggressive with a very strong shield front and cycling between EP:S and TSS for high shield resistence, or being able to quickly repair and regenerate shields when there's a lull or being able to toss out a team to a friendly because you know you won't be out of the team for long.

Weapons load out is designed for frontal damage. No, you won't get DPS rivalling a well designed Escort, but that's ok so long as you're not a deadweight when everything is calm and all you need to do is pour in the fire power. There's more than enough punch to take care of the trash in elite STFs. In normals so long as you've got decent up to date equipment, nothing threatens you unless it's like 3-4 spheres at the same time. Even then, you have the tools to jam one of them, polarise hull and leg it to buy some breathing time then circle around to slam them with gravity wells and/or Tyken's and subsystem disables while bringing your frontal damage to bare. There is the option to swap between Fire at Will and another target subsystem. The advantage in picking a Boff target subsystem is obviously being able to use it every 30s instead of waiting 2mins. Pre-loading the innate then using the Boff version immediately afterwards could very well knock out that particular subsystem outright in the initial salvo with a follow up Tyken's to lock it down.

Gravity Well needs no introduction. Being able to restrict clusters of enemies for your escorts to rip apart with their cannon scatter shots or blast them with Fire at Will/Torpedo Spreads is a great thing; not to mention the benefits of preventing enemies from getting to where they want to be. The BOff set up allows you to group enemies with Gravity Well, hit them all with AP:B using Fire at Will and then scan them for a huge AoE potential. Damage from Gravity Well isn't a key selling point, but it's not bad to have when you're sitting and firing at a gate.

For repairs, survivability and 'direct healing support' you have EP:S, which is personal, the teams and TSS + Hazard Emitters, Polarise Hull and a 'OMG, get it off me!' Jam Targeting Sensors. There isn't a lot of immediate healing available but you can't be expected to babysit everyone and have them run with no personal survivability CDs. Using a second copy of TSS or Hazard only drops the effective CD to 30s from 45s, not worth it IMHO. You have available all debuff removal options. Tac teams for boarding parties, eng team for subsystem disables, sci team for sci debuffs, polarise hull for tractors and extra damage resistance in the worst case scenarios and jam targeting sensors is helpful when you want to dedicate your survivability CDs to others, instead of yourself. Or when you need to book it. You could feasibly replace the Jam Targeting Sensors with say, Photonic Officer or Tachyon Beams or any other 2nd level ability. Scramble Sensors sounds like a good idea for CC but I've never had it reliably do what it needs to do in STFs when you'd want that extra CC. Energy Siphon is another viable option and can complement the design undercurrent of subsystem disables and lock downs.

MACO is highly recommended as the science vessels have always had low hull durability. Halving the damage bleed through the shields adds a lot to overall survivability and being able to have 14k shield facings with a Mk X MACO shield for an effective ~60k shield with appropriate use of Tactical Team plus the damage resistances of EP:S and TSS along with innate Sci captain abilities gives you a surprisingly large capacity to absorb damage of any kind. The big disadvantage is that hull damage is difficult to repair and the plasma fires from the Borg Weapons can be troublesome. Hazard Emitters is a 45s CD, which won't be enough when the proverbial hits the fan and the team CD would most likely be locked to Tactical Team in those situations. Escaping from the danger situation or bunkering down with full power to shields so that the team CD can be shifted towards repairs or shield reinforcements are some options.

There is a 'free' engineering console which is normally dedicated to an armour console of some sort. I normally run straight up kinetic resistance as my bigger danger was weathering torpedo hits and I want to protect my hull health as much as possible. The plasma fires can be dealt with by using Hazard Emitters, however the big High Yield plasma torpedos will have a very strong DoT effect, but then again, the challenge would be surviving a direct hit from one of those in the first place, and that's where the full kinetic resistance comes into play.

Passive hull repair/shield regeneration isn't that much of a factor with this build. The shields are already so thick that base regeneration would most likely be inefficient compared to just using the 15s teams.

Overall, this build is a full middle of the road force multiplier. It can hold its own in a fairly decent manner but its true strength is being able to take the edge off big targets as well as soften them up being being self-sufficient in a fight that it won't have to run away at the sight of a sphere and can switch between aux or weapons based within 3-4 seconds without using a battery. AP:B every 30s off CD, chaining targeting sub systems via the innate with Fire at Will/Boff targeting and the mass power drain of Tyken's gives it utility whether it's bashing a stationary gate, controlling a pack of spheres or raptors or helping to make sure that tact cube does not one shot your team. Being able to adapt to the current needs of the fight and bringing something to every possible situation is what this build is about.