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02-12-2012, 09:21 AM
Originally Posted by kirian_darkstar View Post
That is not the ships actual form.

I wouldn't trust the Cygnus drawings much at all. There are some obvious creative liberties in those designs.

For example:
The Cygnus Aft view shows obvious down curl of the hull towards the nacelles.
The fore view shows the same.

While screenshots found at Memory-Alpha show:
no curl Aft
same with a Fore view

If you keep looking and comparing between the Model used it the shows and the Cygnus sketches, it is easy to see another dozen+ errors in the proportions in the Cygnus drawings.

I wouldn't trust it for proper proportions to properly scale the in-game model.
The schematics are not the best.
But 5th is a RL friend of mine and I know he's got an AMT Vor'cha model on his shelf.
I'm on the phone with him while I'm writing this.
What he meant was only the top view, which is about right in terms of length/width proportions.
The rest of the schematics is not qiute accurate that's true, but he couldn't find a decent pic of the proper filming model that isn't angled so much it reveals no useful information.

I did a search myself and found a few pics I'd like to add to this thread:

A top view (with a superimposed Negh'var to show the two ships share the same neck)

Pics of the AMT model