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02-12-2012, 09:32 AM
Stoked VO La jeans und El Chris....

They should have taken note of the Podcasting

i see Andorians as sort of Scots pics hooligans at Hadrian's wall that adapted there paranoia and learned to play nice ...Liked

Cardassy - ah i'd say he's one that escaped the War crimes Tribunal name could be joz mengele and wear a monocle... [friend wants drink indeed i e it was him .if i were adrian monk i'd run his face in the pooter]

Snow whites Sans un Dwarf.. I remember many missions with grumpy as the SF Command face..ignoring my findings

Jay kurkland [a JTK houmaue? synonym] hes a good enough stooge of Federation managent

Deferi hes like Nev chaberlin - yes i know romes brnin but my hose is too short to help

Mighty Gorn - em bow yEsssS master ---Dao <gorn> is here to serve [pass the undine detector]
i have some klingons glad to take it