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02-12-2012, 09:36 AM
the quality of the mission is higher because the devs have more tools. thats not in much doubt. that extra polish in terms of cut scenes, new locations ete etc really makes them shine. no matter how hard and author tries he can make a shanty town look as good as the one from mine enemy or a Romulan city as good as cutting the cord.

i would say the best foundry missions have some better action and story than cryptic's from what i've played, but one of the reasons is that there are just so many of them from so many different writers.

There are thousands of them and the more missions there are the more chance that really great ones are going to be made. im sure if cryptic could make a thousand missions there would be some truly epic ones in there as well, coupled with their higher production values and better toolsets.

i would say thought that cryptic's missions is of a steady quality throughout. there are no god awful ones. the foundry for all its great eps, has plenty of average and terrible ones in there as well.

it would be awesome if the foundry authors had access to cut scene tech although i would personally hate voice over work to be added. cryptic's VO is ok without being great. I imagine foundry VO would be very substandard quality and could ruin many good missions.