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Fine mission, decent plot but a little confusing in some spots.
And as with most new missions, it has it's share of buggyness.
Tips for those with some knowledge of the mission.
First off, there are circles on your map that are gonna show you where to go, hit your M key and, for gawds sake, READ the mission description dialoge as the mission progresses and pay attention to what it says to do next.
Do that and you can get thru this mission with a minimum of difficulty.
I also striongly suggest having ONLY the Team leader only do all dialoge when doing this mission with a team.
Having one guy do this and while another does that seems to bug the optionals.
Optionals and the Diplomats:
The Defari Ambassader and the holosuite:
Once you talk to the bartender and have to find someone to give up their holosuite time, talk to the bar patrons standing at the bar and the one in the back of the bar FIRST, then the one seated (Zar) near the Diado table last.
This is Critical when on a team. Talking to Zar first seems to usually bug the optional and you might be unable to complete it.
Same for when you have to look for buyers for his bolts, talk to the 2 vendors outside quarks first, then go to the shipyard to talk to the Capt. Skipping the other 2 vendors and going straight to the shipyard sometimes bugs the optional and you can't complete it.
The conferance:
To sit, dbl click on the table, don't try to use the F key on the chair...easy..
For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to convince the Klingon Ambassader to "join the fight".
I suspect it's bugged...I've tried both dialoge paths multiple combinations of answers and it fails everytime.
All the other Ambassaders are easy to convince if you read the dialoge and think about the answers.
If anyone has ever got the Klingon to agree, PLEASE post that here...
Finally, the escape:
You don't need to kill everything to win this, you need only escort the pack of shuttles to the circled areas and assit the cruiser at each circle.
You can double back and defeat the group of capital ships that will slowly pursue you, but if you do, you better bring your A-game, they're tough and the Dreadnought is a bull to bring down.

Anyone else with helpful info or tips feel free to speak up.