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02-12-2012, 10:38 AM
I did another run through this morning with my Sci, solo, to see what accolades I could get. There is a lot of running around to do to get them but it's not so bad once you know where to go. The Captain you help with youe DOff's will take the excess Stem Bolts from the bar patron (closest table to the door in Quark's). Make sure you have 2k in Latinum on you also, if you're not high up on the Diplo XP. Not sure how to guarantee to get the Bajoran to give up the Kanar as this only happened for me once. However, you can visit hte4 Exchange while in the mission and aquire one on there and still get that optional. 23k EC is what it cost me at the time.

Cutscene wise, I think the voice over makes it more annoying than anything. The one cutscene i like as a bit of filler that isn't needed. After the old Admiral dies, it should end there. A simple dialog telling you, get hte ambassadors out would of been much more appreciated. After repeatedly being forced to watch this, I have a slight difference of opinions on the voices. The voice for the Fed Captain has grown on me. The annoying Irish woman just gets more annoying with every single time I have to listen to her. A little less dramatization on the Vorta's voice would of made her role that much better. I hope we get to see a lot more from this characterrr, with voice overs. The same goes for the Gorn. I'd like to see this guy more often, with voice overs. These these voice actors (guessing) hopefully will be used more in the future.

One thi8ng I would have liked to have seen is, more of an effort to take over DS9. It all just seemed to happen too fast. I would have liked to have seen this dragged on more. A whole mission dedicated to sneaking and battling your way out of DS9 through multiple decks and areas with an optional for you to detour to OPS and order the evacuation of DS9 before heading to the Promenade. With all of the old ore precessing facilities and other areas of the station we have yet to see. I would have liked more. Having to go to the central engineering part of the station to bring some internal defenses online after them going offline in the initial attack would have been nice.

Although my comments may seem a little on the negative side. It's feedback. The good doesn't really need to be mentioned as much as where I think they went wrong or could have done better. I can't emphasize more that using hte DOff's to help repair the Captain's ship was one of the best elements of the whole mission.