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02-12-2012, 10:50 AM
This opening mission stacks up really well (content wise at least) to the Breen FE's first mission.

That mission consisted of a boring escort through a debris field. A "hi how ya doin" conversation that led to an ambush on the ground in the middle of a crowd of non-plussed potential victims of crossfire. A quick roundup of the rest of the breen in the town square, sans torches or pitchforks, an introduction to the overpowered ground combat tactics the Breen would use at the end of the ruins and then a quick space battle with lessons in SNB and Tractor Beams at the end.

This mission consisted of a series of optional treasure hunts while doing DOFF and Dabo sidequests, a much more fleshed out conversation at the diplomatic conference, a baby version of the old DS9 Fleet Action on the station, which led to a baby version of the other old DS9 Fleet Action in space that has a fun fight against a big huge overpowered dreadnaught, and of course the same old space lesson about SNB and Tractor Beams.

This one has more stuff in it than the Breen one. So I think once the bugs are fixed, it will stand the test of time, as long as the next four parts of the story move forward.

As compared to the best Foundry missions I've done? It comes down to the quality of writing, and the Foundry occasionally blows my mind with high quality writing. This mission would be an ok foundry mission but not the best for me because as much as I like the conference scene and some of the stuff in Ops with Andrews, there's too much of this mission that plays like stuff I've already played (the aforementioned DS9 FAs). My favorite foundry missions are written so well that even when I do stuff that seems like I've done it a million times already I don't notice that.