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02-12-2012, 11:46 AM
The other issue is; only Cryptic can further the story of STO, so the need for them to release consistent and "regular" content is really needed. Otherwise it'll either just drag on or stop completely. While I'm sure the Iconians will somehow be involved with releasing the Dominion fleet from the wormhole, it would be nice for the powers of the Alpha and Beta quadrants to start acknowledging their involvement and wrapping up certain storyline elements.

At no point were they mentioned in this latest episode, you'd think with the Borg/Undine conflict being stirred up by them it would've been a nice point to raise during this conference. The Borg are only the beginning, once they weaken all of the major powers even further, the Iconians will step in and take over. That should, at the very least, have been put on the table.