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02-12-2012, 12:20 PM
The only change I would make to your MVAM build is to your Sci BOFF slot. (funny thing, I used to fly the MVAM but I switched to the Tactical Escort lol)

I work my BOFFs to certain jobs. My Engineers keep my shields to where they should be (which is why EPtS and RSP are just great where they are), but my Sci Officers are in charge of keeping my hull covered and keeps debuffs from bogging me down.

So from my experiences with the many STF's I've done, this is a bit what my sci boff set-up looks like (for MVAM):

Polarize 1 -> HE 2 -> HE 3

Sure, HE shares a cooldown, but the overlap isn't very long. And all the debuffs the Borg love to throw your way, well, Haz Emitters just loves to give the big middle finger to those mechanical buggers.

I think keeping a BOFF with repulsors is a good idea though, for just the reason you mentioned. If you are defending Kang, it gives you an added edge.

Good luck!