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02-12-2012, 02:11 PM
Originally Posted by ProfessorSTAFF
Star Trek has always been about hope, and optimism, progress and peace.

When I was playing "Second Wave", an episode that I thought they did a really good job on, I despaired at the admiral saying "The Federation has about 3 years left before we are completely destroyed by the borg!"

THAT IS SO DEPRESSING! 3 years??? Do you know how bad that makes things? That is all but hopeless. That is not humanity reaching out to the stars and evolving to the next level, it is our inevitable doom.
The Borg nearly wiped out humanity a couple times in TNG and VOY--and in far less time. How many times did they nearly disable and assimilate Earth? 3?

As for Star Trek always being about hope, optimism, peace, and progress--I'd say that isn't entirely true.


While some aspects are positive, the series is also used as a lens through which to view contemporary problems in a new light.

DS9 was also the darkest series by far (see: In the Pale Moonlight).