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02-12-2012, 01:17 PM
Originally Posted by ProfessorSTAFF
I really like Star Trek Online but I really dislike the dark, depressing hopelessness that seems to be its most prevalent themes.

Star Trek has always been about hope, and optimism, progress and peace.

When I was playing "Second Wave", an episode that I thought they did a really good job on, I despaired at the admiral saying "The Federation has about 3 years left before we are completely destroyed by the borg!"

THAT IS SO DEPRESSING! 3 years??? Do you know how bad that makes things? That is all but hopeless. That is not humanity reaching out to the stars and evolving to the next level, it is our inevitable doom.
during the hope, optimism, progress and peace there were a bunch of aliens trying to destroy us for the majority of star trek.

the Borg are not going to destroy the federation in 3 years. the federation will be here for centuries to come as they are the main faction in the whole franchise. its a way to ramp up the feeling of danger, in the same way the borg did not destroy the federation in the best of both worlds or the dominion did not win the war but they made it seem like the feds were on the verge of destruction.

i know sto is set in a dark time, and perhaps its too dark and they need to focus more on other aspects rather than conflict but whats the points of having an enemy breathing down your neck if they are no threat. its not hopeless and its not inevitable.