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02-12-2012, 01:20 PM
Originally Posted by The-Doctor.
I think, while there is always conflict, that there is one thing that has remained consistent through Star Trek, and thus qualifies as your intent of optimism and positiveness, and that is that Earth is a Utopia.

Earth, in every incarnation of Star Trek, is a Utopia by the 23rd century, and starting to get there in a bit way in the 22nd century. By the 23rd century and on, its a brilliant place to live. No poverty, no hunger, no greed. Remember Troi telling Clemens how perfect Earth was in the 24th century in Time's Arrow? That has remained one constant in Trek, and is VERY uplifting, to know that Earth becomes a Utopia.

So even though all that is going on, remember, we are seeing everything through the eyes of the Military, in this case Starfleet. On Earth, there is very much hope, optimism, and peace.

I think part of what made DS9 / Voyager / Enterprise so bad were the intrusions of real-world petty small-mindedness. Some people, like the characters in Undiscovered Country, are truly fearful of a better world. A lot of people.