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02-12-2012, 01:33 PM
I think Sisko says it best when he describes that Earth is seen as Paradise, a perfect clean society where there are no wars, no illness, no famine, no hardships. But the truth in the big blue is that there are wars, and nasty species that would rather eviscerate your planet than talk to you, and illness, and starvation, pretty much what there is today.

You want bleak? Put the news on. ST is a fantasy yes, it is a escape from reality yes, but its not a childlike fantasy. It is very realistic in the fact that some places are great, and some are not so great. Its something that late TNG started (TOS did of course but... did not have the budget nor the special effects to portray it too well) and was carried through right till ENT. I like how ENT is gritty, taking those first tentative steps, making mistakes, learning the hard way. Okay the series as a whole got slated, and with due reason in some respects, but in many others it was as awesome as DS9 (my personal fave) ever was.

The plot of STO is a war with the Klingons. War is not generally that fun. There are fun aspects, and possibilities of a grand bright future, but not all can be the Eden that is Earth. Earth is small, its a tiny dot in the corner of a very big galaxy. Its highly likely there would be some "depressing bleakness" out there.