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02-12-2012, 02:09 PM
Originally Posted by Captain_Schorik
There is the most awful noise playing on Deep Space Nine. The only ways to get away from it are to either turn your sound off, beam out, go to the exchange area, or go to the shipyard. This has been going on since your patch 2 days ago and the frequency of the sound has actually induced nausea and vertigo in me. I don't know if its affected anyone else in this way but I have been told other people have been hearing it. It should have been fixed the moment it was discovered as it is a potential health hazard for some people because it is a well known fact that certain frequencies of sound can induce my symptoms and even seizures in some people. Please fix this quickly! Thank you.
Actually this has been going on since F2P launched. They just have not fixed it. if you can take the grill off your speakers take a look at what this is doing to the cones. Would not be surprised if it done blow out some people speaker systems.