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02-12-2012, 04:03 PM
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
TNG: Yesterday's Enterprise. A depressing future filled with death and doom where the Federation and Klingon Empire are at war, and the Federation is losing.

Even the episode All Good Things has the Federation and Klingon alliance abolished and the two forces again adversarial; plus it has the Romulan Empire lost and conquered by the Klingons.

I'm not really seeing this future being much darker then those already portrayed in canon.

You really went with parallel universe episodes?

There's so much more to be said of DS9 itself. Interviews with the production staff about how they purposely designed the look and feel of the station to be darker. The story content of the actual episodes, delving into the terrorism on both sides of Bajor and Cardassia. The Dominion War. All of that taking place in the normal course of events.

Yesterday's Enterprise's alternate reality is dark to make it contrast with the warm, earth tones of TNG's bridge and its staff. Why would you pick that episode or All Good Things? Both of those episodes support the OP's point.