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02-12-2012, 04:22 PM
i dont know where my post went but i had listed all kinds of things so heres i try again-

dual heavy cannons- as is
dual cannons- as is
heavy single cannon- like cannon 12 power to fire, 2 bolts per cycle. 90 degree arc
single cannon- as is
turret- as is

dual heavy bank- like dual beam banks but escorts only 12 power, 2 shots per cycle
dual beam bank- as is
heavy beam array- 180 arc, 12 power all ships 3 shots per cycle
beam array- as is
360 beam- 10 energy, all ships, dmg about same as turret

more alternatives = more fun right? the heavy weapons are more power at more energy of course so i thin kthats a trade off.

whats wrong with this?