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Originally Posted by superchum View Post
Yesterday's Enterprise's alternate reality is dark to make it contrast with the warm, earth tones of TNG's bridge and its staff. Why would you pick that episode or All Good Things? Both of those episodes support the OP's point.
Both of those episodes support the idea that even 1 small thing going wrong can change TNG's utopia idea in an instant. Of course DS 9 and Voyager pretty much blew the utopia idea out of the water, but since TNG was the most watched series I assumed people would better understand those examples over something from the other two TNG era series.

Ultimately, though, the real answer is that STO is an MMO, not a TV series or single-person game. For MMOs to have PvP you need opposing Factions, thus it makes more sense for the Feds and Klinks to be at war. Also, MMOs are almost exclusively based around action, thus you need constant conflict and battle to make them fun for players. That's not to say ships shouldn't surrender before getting blown up but ultimately destroying things is just a standard MMO trope. There are more dedicated MMO players in the world then there are die-hard Trek fans. The players need to be appealed to more then the Trekkies do. And finally, CBS liked the idea and said yes; and that needs to count for something, IMO.