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02-12-2012, 05:28 PM
Did no one watch DS9 and the Dominion War?
Weren't there times during the last several seasons of DS9 where it felt like the Federation was going to collapse?
Wasn't there nearly a coup of the federation by members of Starfleet?
Didn't Sisco and Garak use deception, assassination, lies and bribery to get the Romulans on the Federation side of the Dominion War?

These are just a couple of the darker episodes of DS9. I would say that the current state of the federation is parallel to the environment of the Dominion War. And the 2800 FE is effectively a continuation of the Dominion War after Sacrifice of Angels.

And my Star Trek universe wasn't always about hope. There were some dark and gritty periods during the Dominion War the many in the Federation would probably like to forget.