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02-12-2012, 07:21 PM
The game would feel more trek like if you could:
  • Have the option to disable ships instead of killing everyone everywhere.
  • Have the option to use a true stun setting on your ground weapons. Instead of killing everything.
  • Once you disable a ship, detain an enemy captain, who you might be able to interrogate or hand over to starfleet.
  • Eliminate the ridiculous admiral rank: trek fans want to be captains. To us, an admiral is a desk job. Have different grades of captain if you need more flexibility.
  • Have more true exploration, not visit random base and scan 5 computers.
  • Have more true diplomatic missions, not fly to planet and give supplies.
  • Update transitions so you don't beam off your bridge to go to ship view, warp to earth or other planets (all trek fans know you're supposed to use impulse only in a star system)
  • Update interior visuals. Some of them are so drab and dark and depressing. (space graphics are beautiful, why can't interiors be?)
  • Let me go to my own sickbay to treat injuries. Has medical science really relapsed that badly?
  • Give me something to do while traveling. Give interiors a true purpose
  • when we do have to fight the Klingons, give pvp a purpose. Give us an additional station or sector that can change factions.
  • Give our ships more of sims feel: let us deal with unexpected crew issues, assign a uniform, train officers in a holodeck.
  • if you insist of flying starfleet officers around in cardassian ships, give us a reason why. Not just that mysteriously appear out of a cardassian lock box.
  • if you insist on making us fleet admirals, give us the ability to control a fleet of ships (1 of each tier) that we have acquired. Instead of allowing our low tier ships to collect dust. Give us fleet missions where we coordinate 5 ships at once.

But, I'm tired now and I could probably go on and on...