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02-12-2012, 08:05 PM
I have a mixed view on the unfortunate state of the Alpha Quadrant in the STO storyline.

On one hand, I recognize the need for disparate "enemy" groups in an MMO, if it were "all Feds/Klingons all the time", people would get very bored, very quickly. So there needs to be castaway Cardassians, rebellious Romulans, jilted Jem'Hadar, obtuse Orions, harried Hirogen, and belligerent Borg to blow away..

On the other hand, I would love a more cerebral STO Story arc focusing on the primary war itself, all we have so far is Undine Infiltration + Klingon overreaction + Federation Pacifism = War.

I would love it if the game didn't start at war, but instead the first ten or twenty levels were spent dealing with the brush fires and unfortunate events leading up to the war, all the trade disagreements, misunderstanding, botched negotiations.. All the things that would lead to the tragic circumstance of armed conflict.

Then the next twenty levels dealing with the War itself, front line fighting, skirmishes, territorial struggles, hand to hand and ship to ship..

Then the last ten levels would deal with the wider tactical picture, where we lead major campaigns to take whole worlds and capture key resources, at the same time dealing with all the other things the war has affected.

Romulan Aid negotiations, Cardassian rebuilding efforts, The Deferi Incident, the Remans, make the FEs things for the best of the best to deal with, not the junior officers (this would encourage folks to level the whole way before abandoning the game, as well).