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02-12-2012, 07:27 PM
The story arc is called "The Long War" in the STO book.

This is the start of it, yes even after 2 years of development.

Like every other adventure/war story ever written, it gets darker as you progress.
Thatīs actually something Cryptic IS doing right IMO, unlike some who accuse them of "fanboyism".

Where it starts to get wonky is when they just donīt stop piling it up but then there are no visible consequences to their own lore!

Please start to use your own tech. You can instance the heck out of everything. Introduce the actual timeline then give us instances pre Borg etc. invasion for everybody starting out and advanced versions of the timeline for those that have passed the corresponding event(s).

Yes it will "divide" the user base into different maps. But as the server strain and routine 5-9 instances on most maps show, there surely wonīt be empty maps anymore. Even for lower levels.