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02-13-2012, 01:41 AM
I was thinking of doing a short tutorial, but this looks a better format.

I found with the Defari Ambassador Holosuite Optional, there are 3 Bar Patrons you need to talk to and it doesn't matter on the order, the 3rd and last one you talk to is always the Trader wanting to get rid of the Stem Bolts.

As Fed, I went S'Taas (spelling) cardassian, (picked up optional), Defari, (Picked up otional) talk to bar tender, Talk to patrons then go to the Fed captain, get stem bolts, and pickup DOFF missions. Bar to bar, complete Defari optional, (play Dabo if required). BTW, the Barman can be talked down to only a 100 GPL fee.

For the Kanar, I've found either the Barman , the Defari Ambassador or Commander Andrews has it. although the person you has it could be random and wouldn't rule out even the Bajoran outside the Temple having it.

By the time you complete the other optionals, the DOFF optional should have finished. Then talk to the Tellarite in the temple, then off to the conference

In the conference, I have had them all agree twice once with both Fed and KLG. The trick is to do the optionals and the pick the first reponse. You should get a Mission complete option dialog if optionals done. Klink is easy because you get the Optional from the Gorn. Otherwise I use Diplomacy on him as a fed, and just rely on the optionals for the rest.

I found escaping Envoys quite easy. There is a Specilisation mission right at the beginning. Door to Tailor, is Eng, open that and a a security officers joins you. The first crew you see on the ground from the spawn point is a Tac, go to the crewman on the ground and arm the diplomat and the Andorian helps defend. For Sci, after killing the Jems'Hadar near the table/chairs theres anothe rcrewman on the ground, revive him, and they join you. If team and each person is a different specialisation, you can do all 3. The Gorn will also help attack the Jem'Hadar. Remember if the gorn or security officer or adorian fall, you can go up to them and heal them.

For the space. easy at first just shoot any enemy. then as soon as you get the message there's a hole and the shuttles are going for it, follow them to the east, you will see fed ships fighting Jem'Hadar heavy escorts. If you kill the escorts before the fed ship explodes, they will help you.

As you get to each ship and increasing number of Jem ships warp in. My advice and if you have the hull/shields is to agro any Jem'Hadar ship shooting on the ship you are there to save.

Once you have saved it, it can die. But you need to save the ship of the moment. the others you have saved will also join in helping the next ship... sometimes.

I tried to Eng team some of the Fed ships, but I don't think it works. Also if you are close to destroying the last Jem ship in that group, start heading for the next group. That way you have better chance to save them.

The first ship you help, no Jem ships warp in, the next, 1 Jem ship warps in, then the next 2 Jem ships and the last is 3 extra Jem ships, for a total of 4. It can be quite a handful trying to keep their agro away from the ship you want to save.

This is all for Single player, not team. With team the number of enemy increase obviously.

Hope this helps those wanting to get the accolades for this FE.