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02-13-2012, 04:44 AM
the weapons that should be in game are as follows

duel heavy canons- same

quad cannons- takes the place of duel cannons, basically looks like 4 duel cannon shots, not the over the top look of the new item. its current animation is a bit much, make it look like duel cannons firing 3 shots per cycle

duel cannons- changed to a 70 degree fireing arc, less dps then the above 2

single cannon- should use 1 of the duel heavy cannon's shot animation so you can tell the difference between it and a turret shot, 3 shots per cycle.

turret- same

duel beam bank- same

single beam bank- new, should basically replace beam arrays on non starfleet ships. 200 degree fireing arc, 3 shots per cycle. its basically what every alien of the week was equipped with, a single beam attack, its that or an old ball turret phaser from the tos era

beam array- should be an exclusive starfleet only weapon, should not be firing up to 8 at once, 1 at a time instead, regardless of fore and aft. fireing arc should be nearly 360. perhaps every beam array you have equipped adds to the power of the 1 shot your ship does shoot. it basically needs a complete rework and rebalance, so it looks more canon and works correctly in game. n/a with beam overload or something