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02-13-2012, 05:14 AM
Originally Posted by Aussie1 View Post
Are you sure.

I have done them every time and get the all the diplomats to join the offensive against the borg, get an extra dialog response starting with [Mission Complete]. The only time I didn't do them (as I was trying to rush through it after the mission not completing bug) and that dialog response was greyed out. Plus, I think you also get extra Diplomatic points for doing them, and successfully convincing the diplimat to join. You get 10 DXP for ea Diplomat that joins.

You also get an accolade for getting them all to join. and an accolade for saving all the Fed ships on the way out.
I could believe that. I thought that [Diplomacy] option had something to do with my current Diplomacy rank. Especially because if your FED there is no optional for the Klingon diplomate but I still got a [Diplomacy] option in the dialog in the conference room.