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02-13-2012, 05:43 AM
Originally Posted by CapnBludd View Post
Everyone isn't at the same point in the game. So closing it down = bad move People keep forgetting that the storyline is a personal one. Yes we all do it, but it is still focused at YOU and you alone being the 'Golden Boy/Girl' You see other people but so far as the story goes they are extras in your story, you do all the saving and critical things, and from their point of view YOU are the extra and they are the 'Golden Boy/Girl'
The OP wasn't talking about who the 'Golden Child' is, just commenting that it would have been brilliant if the devs had made it feel like this new series being launched into the game really did have an impact.

There were ways they could have circumvented DS9 during the story missions. Besides a few contacts, iirc, not much actual mission content takes place there.

Even if they didn't want to do this, there were ways they could have done it. After all, they do seem to love their sharding technologies, don't they? Set a couple of conditions on people's characters - Whether or not they are currently working on the Cardassian story arcs, a flag to say if they have done the new episode or not, that sort of thing - then have them sent to either BU#1 (where those who have either not done the new episode or those who are working on the Cardassian arc go), or sent to BU#2+ where DS9 is closed down and most major services have been moved to Bajor. I'd also step up the Borg attacks in these instances, since we are focussed on defending against Jem'Hadar, so more Borg are slipping through the defences.