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02-13-2012, 06:02 AM
Originally Posted by Nick_Riker
At Bajor, I saw Federation and Klingon vessels, but no Cardassians? Did anyone else see them?
That was the actual Bajor social map, not a mission map, so there'd only be players there.

We know that they Enterprise-F supposedly has something to do with the FE. My guess is that it leads the charge to drive the Dominion back into the Gamma Quadrant.
A fair assumption - the trailer shots of the Odyssey and Bortas were in a major space battle around DS9, the one in the first episode was more of a rolling retreat.

Why is the Dominion coming back after all this time? We can assume that the Dominion force is the fleet that vanished during Operation Return. What does this have to do with the Jem'Hadar fighters that were turning up abandoned during the Winter Package fiasco?
There's actually a 10 part storyline doff mission series involving this. I don't know of anyone who's finished the chain yet, but it investigating one of those fighters.

Despite having few resources, the Deferi were inexplicably present at the conference. Defera has been under attack by the Breen since the last FE. What does this mean for the Breen? Will they try to ally themselves with the Dominion again, with the Federation, Cardassians, Klingon and Romulans opposed?
The Deferi involvement is more simple than this: They're at the center of the Borg invasion, the only planet that they've actually made a viable effort to assimilate, and the most aggressive space attacks have beeni n there space. The technology in the Preserver Archive is critical to the war - if it's not useful to actually fight the Borg, we still don't want the Borg to have it.

Any battle plan against the Borg will involve massive ground and space forces in Deferi space, so any planning will involve them, even if its only to inform them what we're going to be doing on their planet. And that's likely all it was for, because the Deferi don't have military might to add to the operation.

Some more speculation: The Romulan's conspicuous absence from the discussion. I have three theories on this:

A. The Romulans are now persona non grata with the other factions. They've stepped over the line with their cavalier use of genocide as a diplomatic tool, and everyone else just considers them too risky to work with.
B. There's no longer anyone to actually deal with - Taris is rotting in a Federation prison, Donatra is dead, Sela is MIA, and Obisek is a terrorist. He has little military power to lend to the operation, terrorism won't work against the Borg, and despite cooperating with Starfleet and the KDF, neither faction may want to publicly acknowledge their relationship with a terrorist.
Alternate version of B: There's so many people to deal with, none of whom have full control of the RSE, that dealing with any one alienates their enemies, meaning in the end there's nobody worth dealing with.
C. They declined to participate, expecting the Iconians to protect them from any Borg threat.

I also highly doubt they'll ever get involved in another Dominion conflict, especially a short lived one, for all those same reasons.