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02-13-2012, 07:00 AM
Hey there, fellow captains! Finally found some time to sit down and work on the charts with a few updates. Got that darn Odyssey boff change on the FED chart, fixed most of the console descriptions (removing the restrictions on which ships they can be used on) -- still have to go back and fix them up on the KDF chart. But I did get the Bortas Crazy Cruiser up on there... Still need some of the missing console pics though. Send 'em my way, if yas have em!

Also: I edited the original post with a link to the Cryptic Point Card page where you can send some C-store points my way (if you feel so inclined to do so) I'm not one to ask for charity and such, but figured I'd put it up there for those who would like to contribute to my STO fund. Since I can't spend alot of time in-game, my dilithium purse is a joke.

And so is my C-store bank account, since I spend all my points trying to get the Galor. It's sad, cause all I really wanted were pictures of the ship, for the charts. I felt pretty pathetic after not only spending all my points with no ship, but asking anyone that popped up as winning the ship for some pics... And I gotta say, there are some pretty rude people out there. Maybe it's just my luck or something, but really: asking for pictures taken from the ship tailor isn't really that big of a deal. Anyway, if anyone out there has a Galor, I'd be very greatful. (although I have no idea where to actually put the ship on the charts).

Thinking about it, creating a new cross-faction chart is a monumental task. It's all I can do to keep two up-to-date. That said, if there are more cross-faction ships released, this will definitely be considered. As it stands: I can't justify all the work that would go into creating a new chart with only two cross-faction ships available. I suppose time will tell. With all the trouble i'm running into trying to get shots of the Galor, I can't imagine fishing for pictures (or spending all my points trying to get it) EVERY time a new SUPERMEGAULTRA-RARE ship appears.

If only Cryptic could send me some renders? */poke CrypticStudios*